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Your Playaway should come with instructions printed inside the case, but if not, they are included here

1. be sure to start by installing a single AAA battery.  The compartment is at the wider end of the device.

2. supply your own earbuds (bluetooth or wireless earbuds are not supported) or attach to speaker or car stereo with a universal mini-jack.

3. use the simple controls on the back of the device to play or reverse the audio, increase or decrease the volume.

If the unit does not work, please call us at 805-449-2660, option 4

If the unit skips, slows or stops, please try a new battery.  AAA batteries can drain quickly. Rechargeable batteries may not work as well with these units.

If the unit skips a chapter, you may have accidentally hit the skip button |>>, try using reverse <<| to go back.  This may also be an indication that the battery is failing or that the unit needs to be RESET.

To reset the unit:

Reset for older Playaway versions:
While PAUSED, press EQ+SP+FWD+REV.

Reset for HD Audio Playaways:
While PAUSED, Press SP+REV. The LCD screen will ask you if you want to reset. Press Play to confirm/reset. When the Playaway is turned on again it will be at the beginning.


Why Playaway? I like CDs better!  

The spoken word industry is moving away from spinning disc (CD, DVD) technology.  So, sometimes audiobooks are only available in Playaway format, not CD.  This is becoming more common as discs phase out of the market.

Is there a version with bluetooth / wireless compatibility?

Not in the Playaways, however, you may wish to visit our Ebooks & More page to see how to get Libby for eAudiobooks that can be downloaded to a smartphone or other device. 







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