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Yes, there is a digital microfilm reader available for use at the Grant R. Brimhall Library on 1401 E. Janss Rd.  You can use this to view our holdings of the Thousand Oaks News Chronicle microfilm, and items that you have ordered through InterLibrary Loan

You may also view microfilm or microfiche that you bring in, as long as it is clean and in good condition.  Dirty or damaged microfilm (including film with multiple repairs) may permanently damage the reader. 

Please ask at the Adult Information Desk to get help getting set up at the Microfilm Reader. 

A quick note about formats:

 Microfilm - a microformat stored on film that is either 16mm or 35mm and usually stored on open reels.  Most microfilm is 35 mm.  Please note that cartridge microfilm reels will not work on this machine, nor will 16 mm reels - our uptake reel is 35 mm, and it may damage or poorly render 16mm film.  

 Microfiche - (sometimes misspelled as microfish or microfische) a microformat stored on individual sheets that are usually about 4x5 inches.  These can be read on the microfilm reader. 

 Aperture cards - a microformat stored on individual sheets in a paper card or plastic frame or carrier.  If your aperture card is on 7x3 computer card stock, it can be read by our machine, however the paper card will be larger than the carrier, and may be damaged by loading into the carrier. Plastic aperture cards are too thick for our machine, and may not be used here. 



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