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If you see two or three letter codes, keywords or abbreviations in your text message notifications, and don't understand them, please see our Text information FAQs

Send all keywords to (833) 227-9922

General services keywords:

  • MYCARDS - Shoutbomb will return the registered card number(s) and expiration date(s) of the account(s)
  • MYBOOKS - Request a list of current account information (checkouts, holds, fines).
  • HELP -Get information about all Shoutbomb keywords
  • NOTICES - Current status of all opt in/opt out services
  • RESEND - Resend the last message(s) from Shoutbomb.
  • TEST - Test your connection to Shoutbomb service.
  • YF - receive fine/fees balance reminders
  • NF - Not to recieve fine/fees balance reminders

Hold keywords:

  • HL - Request a list of your items currently on the hold shelf.

Renewal keywords:

  • RA - Request to renew all eligible items (not overdues).
  • OA - Request to renew all overdue items.
  • ALL - Request to renew all eligible items, including overdues.
  • RI - Request to show items NOT eligible for renewal.
  • OI - Request to show OVERDUE items NOT eligible for renewal.
  • BI - Request to show all billed items.
  • RL - Request for list of eligible items (not overdues) to choose to renew.
  • OL - Request for list of eligible OVERDUE items to choose to renew.
  • RW - Request for reasons WHY items not eligible to renew.
  • OW - Request for reasons WHY overdue items not eligible to renew.

[Note: You cannot use the same keyword more than 3 times in a day. This limitation is in place to protect from spam attacks.]


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